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GSD Technologies provides experienced design consultancy and precision engineering services to manufacturers in the oceanographic, defence, aerospace, automotive, medical and commercial industries. GSD Technologies offers a complete end to end CNC machining service.

Product Design & Simulation

Highly skilled engineers use state of the art tools and specialized software to perform Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics analyses to assist product and process designs.

CNC Milling & Turning

GSD Technologies provide multi axis CNC milling and turning fully supported by CAD/CAM software, with a wide range of milling capabilites and the ability to support standard part-production, one-offs and small batches as well as long runs.

Material Selection & Testing

With such a wide choice of materials available, it is crucial that product design includes a solid understanding of their properties and how they affect part design and manufacturability. GSD Technologies can help you make the best choices first time.

Assembly & Finishing

To complement manufacturing processes GSD Technologies offers a variety of additional services that allow products to be fully finished and assembled according to client specification, including a range of surface finish options, and a skilled assembly team.