Plant List


  1. XYZ PROTURN Lathe Capacity 425mm dia x 2000mm between centers, Full Cad Cam
  2. XYZ Tc Turning center, Full Cad Cam
  3. Hardinge Feeler Manual lathe


  1. XYZ 1060hs Vertical machining center 1200mm X travel, 650mm Y travel, Full Cad Cam
  2. DUGARD 760XP Vertical machining center 650mm X travel, 500mm Y travel, Full Cad Cam
  3. XYZ SMX Vertical Mill Full 3 Axis CNC, Prototype to small batch
  4. XYZ PRO 2000 Vertical 3 axis CNC Prototype to small batch


Full 2018 Solid works

One CNCXR7 Cam Software

Pressure test Facilities